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ESP stands for extra sensory perception. This is also referred to as the sixth sense or the sense beyond our normal five senses of touch, taste, hearing, site and smell. ESP is being able to obtain or receive information through a mental form, not our five senses. It is believed that all people have ESP abilities in various degrees. It is also believed that all people have the ability to develop their psychic or ESP abilities. Scientist now think that the average human only uses about ten percent of their mental capabilities. With ninety percent of the mind not used it is easy to see that ESP can be possible.

Serious scientific research was first conducted by a German researcher named Rudolf Tischner and a researcher from Duke University named J.B. Rine. They are the first to use the term ESP. Their research centered around finding evidence of ESP through scientific laboratory studies. This type of study is referred to as the study of parapsychology.

There are several sub categories of ESP. These include clairvoyance, psychometry, retocognition, telepathy and precognition.

Clairvoyance - Being able to see with the third eye or mind's eye.

Telepathy - being able to receive and send thoughts to others, or being able to communicate entirely with thought.

Psychometry - Being able to know the history of something just by touching it.

Precognition - Having knowledge of the future and knowing what will happen.

Retrocognition - Knowing things that have happened in the past without the use of the normal five senses.

Esp is used to obtain information about the future, past and present. Even with the skepticism associated with ESP, many law enforcement and government agencies currently use ESP. It is well documented that ESP has helped solve crimes and gather information that would not be available any other way.

With the overwhelming evidence that ESP does exists and is a very real phenomenon further research is required. Part of the problem in continued scientific research is the disbelieve and professional suicide of doing this kind of research. In the meantime people will continue to use methods such as hypnosis, meditation and binaural beats to develop their own ESP