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The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

In the context of ancient Roman culture and belief, divination was concerned with discovering the will of the gods. Today, however, scholars no longer restrict the word to the root meaning. Divinatory practices and the beliefs undergirding them are greater in scope than discerning the will of the gods and the fatalistic view of the human condition that inspired so much of early Mediterranean religious thought. In some societies, in fact, divination is a practice to which many persons frequently resort, but never in terms of discovering the will of the gods. The idea of a godly providence controlling human affairs in such societies is unusual, although humbler spirits are often thought to intervene in troublesome ways. While divination is most commonly practiced in the modern Western world in the form of horoscopic astrology, other forms were and continue to be of equal importance for other cultures.

Divination Tools

Tarot Cards are most likely one of the most well-known divination tools and extremely popular for the budding psychics of the modern age. They began as a card game in medieval Europe, particularly in France. However, during the eighteenth century, these cards transitioned into a way to foretell the future to those skilled enough to know the meaning written in the cards. While they seem complicated at first, any beginner's deck generally comes with a small book for a basic introduction. These pamphlets will not only tell you the methods to arrange the cards while asking a question but will also tell you the meaning of each card, which is of vital importance when learning how to use the cards for predicting the future. Many decks have been developed since tarot has been used for divination. Until you know how to properly use the cards, you might want to stay with a standard or simplified deck that is composed of the traditional seventy-eight cards.

I Ching Divination is a very old method for predicting the future. It first arose in China as a way for the sages of ancient China to provide divinely informed consultation to the wealthy and nobles. The earliest evidence of this practice comes from roughly 2700BC. The fact that it has survived this long gives credit to its usefulness in seeing into the time yet to come. There are actually two tools for two different I Ching methods—the yarrow sticks or stalks method and coins. Coins were generally only used by the wealthy during the early years of this technique because they had access to the money. However, coins are considered to be far easier to use than yarrow sticks since it requires less tediousness. This I Ching coin method still takes time as you compose a hexagram using the numbers accumulated from the tossing of your coins—heads indicating yang for three points and tails for yin for two points.

Runes began as a writing system for Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. However, early evidence suggests that they were utilized for reasons of magic in addition to their practical writing uses—particularly in medieval times when “victory runes” were carved into swords either in the blade or hilt. Runes are relatively new to the uses of divination magic though, having only been used this way since the beginning of the twentieth century. The runes are printed, drawn, or engraved individually onto tiles. Wood is the preferred medium of the tiles since it comes from the living spirits of trees. The runes are then drawn from a pouch and laid out to resemble the technique of tarot or tossed into the air and allowed to freely land like I Ching coins. Most people prefer to make their own rune set as it leads to more accurate results.

Spirit boards, also known as Ouija or talking boards, have been seen in numerous cultures over the ages—including 1100BC in China and 540BC in Greece. Even though it has these historic starts, the late nineteenth century and the whole of the twentieth century tried to turn it into a toy to be used by children at slumber parties. However, the rise in the legitimate uses of a spirit board to seek out unknown answers and predictions on the future have been taking place recently. The board itself consists of a standard alphabet and the numbers zero through nine with several boards including several quick phrases such as “yes,” “no,” and “farewell.” A user simply has to have one of these boards and its accompanying planchette to communicate with beings of the spirit world. However, inexperienced users need to be advised that possession has been known to occur by drawing in evil spirits. Beware.ur text here

crystal ball in a dimly lit room is one of the most common visions a person thinks about when considering how to see into the future. The use of crystals in divination can be seen as far back in time as the Druids of early Britain. Crystal balls themselves are popular as the crystal part of them is considered to heighten an individual's psychic awareness while the ball allows for an easy way to look for answers without having to learn complicated methods or techniques. For someone just beginning to learn the art of divination or scrying, which is when images given are interpreted for meaningful information, crystal balls are quite useful. It is best to pick out a crystal ball in person though as opposed to over the internet as a crystal is a very personal object. Some people prefer crystals without any imperfections for sterility while others think no coloring or clouding means it is lifeless. If picking up a particular crystal does not feel significant in your heart or spirit, it is probably not the right one for you. Meditation while holding your crystal ball in a calm, quiet setting before looking for images is absolutely necessary if you want real information as opposed to nothing or useless pictures.

 Scrying mirrors are very common ways to receive images this way. The key is that the surface one looks into is flat, meaning a completely flat mirror instead of a curved ball so that the images are direct instead of skewed. This divination practice is one of the most widely accepted, spanning time, geography, and beliefs. To this day people still practice such rituals as looking into a mirror in a dark room on Halloween to see the face of a future spouse. Having your own special mirror to use for scrying though will purify the act into being something that you can practice daily with this object and this object alone as opposed to using it to brush your teeth and tell the future.